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The application allows users to map their Excel, CSV or database SQL queries to Multi-Crop
Passport Descriptor format (MCPD) and push the mapped data to Genesys for publication.
![Genesys Magic Anno in Action](anno-gui/src/main/asciidoc/images/anno-uploading.png)
## Running Anno
This program requires Java 8 JRE.
Download the precompiled package from
extract if necessary and run the executable for your platform.
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== Installing Anno
Anno is an open-source project, licensed under Apache License v2.
Anno requires the latest Java Run-Time Environment (JRE) to run.
Anno requires the Java 8 Run-Time Environment (JRE) to run.
NOTE: Make sure you don't allow installation of browser toolbars like in the Java JRE installer.
Or any other changes to your default browser configuration.
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