Commit 88a25a5b authored by Matija Obreza's avatar Matija Obreza
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@JsonIdentityInfo is a bad idea

- IDs get duplicated in JSON
parent 309cf8f4
......@@ -21,12 +21,9 @@ import javax.persistence.MappedSuperclass;
import org.genesys.blocks.util.JsonClassNameWriter;
import com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.JsonIdentityInfo;
import com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.ObjectIdGenerators;
import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.annotation.JsonAppend;
@JsonIdentityInfo(generator = ObjectIdGenerators.PropertyGenerator.class, property = "id")
@JsonAppend(props = { @JsonAppend.Prop(name = "_class", value = JsonClassNameWriter.class, type = String.class) })
public abstract class EmptyModel implements EntityId, Serializable {
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