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# Changelog
## 1.3.2 Release
- 0a1ff49 Updated OAuth service
- 7c42917 BUGFIX: Added getter for JSP EL access
- 29cfa93 BUGFIX: Handle case where OAuth client secret is null
- 0cac90e Encrypt OAuth client secrets in the database
- 69da33d Update last login date on successful login
- c3fd313 Moved Spring Security annotations to service implementation
- 8c98d11 First delete issue
- 3b1a22f Utility method to make entities publicly readable
- 1ae92a7 Default user roles can be provided as a collection and are not persisted to the database
- c690ddd Throw LockedException in AccountLockoutManager
- 32191fc Added JsonView.Minimal < JsonView.Public
- c42edc8 FIX: SidPermissions are properly converted for authority (role) SIDs
- 1b0006b CustomAclService allowed for multiple entries per SID for object identity
- 3c5d531 Better autocomplete for OAuthClients
- 4c069b8 ACL management made easier
- 4f24951 Include class short name in JSON-serialized entities extending BasicModel
- 56db528 Updated ACL service and model serialization
- b74449f User repository can't be @Autowired
- 9b2ccaf VersionedModelWithoutId should have 1 as first persisted version
- 8d3cf21 Require SYSTEM_ADMIN account
## 1.3.1 Release
- 3e5b11d `BasicUserService#setAccountType` added
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