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    Using modular approach for partners, descriptors, descriptorLists and datasets · b0fdc97f
    Viacheslav Pavlov authored and Matija Obreza's avatar Matija Obreza committed
    - added header to parent pages via Wrapper
    - added markdown support for PartnerFilter
    - removed most MyDataPage work with `tab`
    - removed '/accessions' link from user menu (+14 squashed commits)
    - now `editor` actions change both public and dashboard 'current' elements
    - split DashboardPage into 3 separate pages, now MyDataPage is base page for other dashboard pages
    - changed 'steps' routes, now steps declare once in 'steps.ts'
    - Removed "list...ByCode" service methods
    - migrated 'PageLoader' implementation from genesis-ui
    - dashboard reducer now don't contain loaded items, only selected UUID-s
    - moved constants to module folders
    - added module for vocabulary
    - put dashboard routes under '/dashboard' URL, put partner edit page under '/admin' URL
    - removed genesys page and related actions, service and constants
    - changed 'root' state names to 'public'
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