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    - added acl · c75a9437
    Andrey Lugovskiy authored
    - removed unnecessary classes(RepositryCustom)
    - updatet version for 'application.blocks.version'
    - added annotations @Cacheable and @Table to Dataset, Partner, Descriptor and DescriptorList.
    - updated ApplicationConfig for scan 'org.genesys.blocks.security.component'
    - added check permissions(@PreAuthorize annotation) for DatasetController, DescriptorController and PartnerController. //TODO clarify permissions
    - added PermissionsController
    - updated liquibase for all changes(including application-blocks 1.3)
     - added deleted service for dataset, partner and descriptor.
     - added test for delete
     - added correct check permissions for dataset, partner and descriptor
     - fix test for permissions