Commit e38793dc authored by Matija Obreza's avatar Matija Obreza
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file-repository:1.0 uses new JPA names

parent 7c3a0626
......@@ -3545,3 +3545,24 @@ databaseChangeLog:
name: species
type: VARCHAR(100)
tableName: dataset_accessions
# Tables and columns renamed in file-repository
- changeSet:
id: 1518204967711-1
author: mobreza (generated)
- renameTable:
newTableName: repository_file
oldTableName: repositoryfile
- renameTable:
newTableName: repository_image
oldTableName: repositoryimage
- renameTable:
newTableName: repository_document
oldTableName: repositorydocument
- renameTable:
newTableName: repository_gallery
oldTableName: repositorygallery
- renameTable:
newTableName: repository_gallery_image
oldTableName: repositorygalleryimage
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