Commit cdc5a8d6 authored by Matija Obreza's avatar Matija Obreza


parent 22f5cc14
......@@ -469,4 +469,10 @@ public class GenesysClient {
return query(Verb.PUT, "/org/"+ slug+"/blurp", null, blurp.toString());
public String listObservations(String parameterName, String dimensionFilter, int page) throws OAuthAuthenticationException, PleaseRetryException, GenesysApiException {
Map<String, String> qs = new HashMap<String, String>();
qs.put("page", String.valueOf(page));
return query(Verb.POST, "/kpi/observation/"+ parameterName+"/", qs, StringUtils.defaultIfBlank(dimensionFilter, ""));
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