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	"template": false,
	"en": {
		"title": "Delete user account",
		"body": "<p>We&#39;re sorry to see you go. When your user account is deleted from Genesys any personal information associated with the  account is removed from Genesys. </p>\r\n<ol><li>Genesys will send a confirmation email to your registered email address to validate account removal request</li><li>The email message contains instructions and a hyperlink to deactivate your user account</li><li>Opening the link in the confirmation message will immediatelly deactivate your account (please note that you must be logged into Genesys)</li><li>Genesys will send you an email confirming that your user account has been deactivated and you can no longer use it to log into Genesys</li><li>After a grace period of 1 month the account is deleted from Genesys</li></ol>\r\n<p>You can always contact us at <a href=\"mailto:helpdesk&#64;\" rel=\"nofollow\">helpdesk&#64;</a> to expedite the process.</p>\r\n<h1>Are you sure? </h1>\r\n<p>Click <strong>Delete</strong> to initiate the account removal process.</p>"