Commit 19655b04 authored by Richard Bruskiewich's avatar Richard Bruskiewich Committed by Matija Obreza
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Forgot to remove the rdfUri stuff I inserted (and now delete) from a few

days ago...
parent 2f303351
......@@ -16,7 +16,6 @@
package org.genesys2.server.model;
import javax.persistence.Lob;
import javax.persistence.MappedSuperclass;
import javax.persistence.Version;
......@@ -34,37 +33,4 @@ public abstract class VersionedAuditedModel extends AuditedModel {
public void setVersion(long version) {
this.version = version;
// Resource Description Framework (RDF) Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
// to link records with semantic web linked open (meta-)data
private String rdfUri;
public String getRdfUri() {
return this.rdfUri;
public void setRdfUri(final String rdfUri) {
this.rdfUri = rdfUri;
public String getRdfUriId()
if(this.rdfUri == null)
return "" ;
else {
// first, check for hash URIs
String[] hashpart = rdfUri.split("#") ;
// assumed well-formed URI.. tail part is the RDF ID
return hashpart[1] ;
// not a hash uri... hmmm...
// since this should be a term URI,
// then take the tail part of the path as the RDF ID
return rdfUri.substring(rdfUri.lastIndexOf('/')+1) ;
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