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# Genesys release 2.2
October 2017
* fb7c84ff Using same-origin CorsProcessor implementation
* 4aa85cab CORS
* 7c2dacfa Use the first CDN server name for all resources, others are still used for tileserver
* 22b154a0 CORS enabled in Spring Security
* 474d143f CORS on web fonts required in Chrome and FF
* e669c2a3 Friendly cache headers
* 34963593 Cleanup
* 0f1257e2 baseUrl and cdnServers exposed as request attributes
* 8f48536d Export repository metadata reviewed
* 5834281c Download repository metadata for an institute
* 982d5feb Fixed JS errors in Explorer
* 913f6817 Article slugs without dot
* a0b040fd Сursor has shifted, difficult to catch the Login button
* 924ab8c9 Accession map on mobile, fixed link opening, centered the map.
* 521d6ac1 Display audited changes to accession data
* d6dda6db Auditing accession data
* 731dcbb9 Use ClassPkService
* a6108dec Using Hibernate's @Type uuid-binary for UUID
* 1e35ebdd Always upsert sample data
* c80dedd9 Optional INSTCODE in "add many"
* 20d8adb8 Respect Institute files permissions
* 6a1e217f Logging fixed
* a9a7f62f Updated references to git repository and public issue tracker on Bitbucket
* bf0d0b8b Fixed invalid back link in edit permissions for a list (fixes #191)
* 58864c69 Spring security: == #userId
* 17db3ff2 User can't generate FTP password
* 4378004a Configurable default admin credentials and initial OAuth client
* a52d0824 PDCI calculation for CROPNAME and ORIGCTY fixed
* 88f336dc Enable repository MetadataInStorageAspect
* a0cb3fe2 Documented missing "metadataFilename" in images API
* 152d55c2 Bug on rendering 404 error page
* 7f295600 Renamed classes in org.genesys2.spring.config
* 8d47121b DOI link buggy
* 8b130ba3 Added link to manage accession files
* 7f5bd8dc Fix: Update accession count on startup
* 0a79d0b1 File management for institutes
* 7a88f45e Add accession data on startup
* 0d26b7a2 CRM updates
* 8c9e8211 Tests refactored
* 8e68c40c app-blocks:1.3-SNAPSHOT requires #getDefaultUserRole, #listAvailableRoles
* 05ec1688 Article#template review
* 8b48d5ea Article#template are not indexed in ES
* 0097c5d8 Use Spring's mappers instead of parsing Strings
* cc7b1af0 Build config and CI
* a12b7337 Admin menu updated
* b32ec214 Upgrades for spring-security-oauth2 version 2+
* cdc843a1 API Documentation updated
* 52d7317e Major updates to OAuth
* 7e7b8d3c Using appblocks-security OAuth implementation
* 0470bb37 Genesys Server reconfiguration
* ca218337 Enabled Swagger UI
* 80d220cf Automatically deploy branches to Docker
* 45d06255 - added services for clear DOIs
* ac5ea2e4 Link to Crops index page from homepage
* 256c1ab8 Issue #123-fix-all-crops-list-page
* 828fb69b add title for information area
* 40400d6b show extra data on the crop list page
* 9f0f0402 “All crops” page
* 837a4fb2 Error editing repository item properties
* 3a60c816 New verification tokens live for 48 hours
* 1dfe2b06 Buttons has different width; Fixed "Edit permissions" button
* c9eafbe6 Texts for HTTP error codes
* f2af16bf HTTP error 500
* 6d240177 Display acceNumb for Accession and AccessionDetails
* d3e36a23 Return "" for empty html
* a3dbadd7 Moved institute files to /wiews/INSTCODE
* 678f3992 Log effective bytes storage configuration
* 87da0417 Update default for Docker image
* bf4a17cf JUnit tests updated
* b472814c FTP server configuration
* 473831a1 Genesys FTP continued
* 3a95717f Genesys FTP
* dbff36cf file-repository:0.9-SNAPSHOT
* 49b89ef9 INSTCODE first in Excel export
* a8b0d605 AccessionIdentifier3 includes DOI, AccessionRepository refactored
* dece2d04 Support for DOI upload
* f5af16a3 DOI Utils
* 0250684e BasicUserService#assureGoodPassword is exposed in app-blocks:1.2-SNAPSHOT
* bc232ba0 FTP password
* c353915c MaxPageLimitException log
* 21cc575d "Results per page" functionality - incorrect behavior
* 13d4b2f1 Fixed dataset accession display
# Genesys release 2.1
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ These instructions will help you run a copy of the Genesys portal (without the d
## Running genesys2-server with Docker
docker run
docker run
The genesys container can be configured via environment variables (`-e` docker flag).
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
<name>Genesys 2 Server</name>
<description>Genesys 2 Server</description>
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