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- PDCI dataset is downloadable as Excel (for selected accessions)
- WorldClim dataset is downloadable as Excel (for selected accessions)
# TODO Accession Lists
- Make new list from applied filter (limit list size to X)
- FIXME Blank list does not load and cannot be removed
- Listing accessions by list (in Browse) needs a better completer
- A decent user interface
## Set operations ##
- Add set operations: union (A ∪ B), intersection (A ∩ B),
complement (A ∖ B, B ∖ A), symmetric difference (A △ B)
- Temporary (session scoped) sets? -- similar to the existing `SelectionBean`?
Bad idea, big lists needs to sync across the cluster.
- Should consider making the accession lists a new functionality: create list from
selection, but not the other way around. Selection should be a small list, while
Accession lists may contain 1,000s of items.
## Filters and Accession sets ##
Rename "Accession Lists" to "Accession Sets". When the set is created from a filtered
list of accessions, the filter should be stored with set metadata. This would potentially
allow for updating the set or identifying missing/new elements.
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