Commit d47108ea authored by Richard Bruskiewich's avatar Richard Bruskiewich Committed by Matija Obreza
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Cleaned out LOG comments from debugging. Code for creation of

category and property ("trait" or Parameter) otherwise seems to work.
The next part for validation if Method.
parent 88f4507d
......@@ -572,36 +572,19 @@ public class GenesysServiceImpl implements GenesysService, TraitService, Dataset
@Transactional(readOnly = false)
public Parameter addParameter(Crop crop, String category, String title) {"addParameter(Crop:"+(crop!=null?crop.getName():"null")+","+category+","+title+")");"new Parameter() ");
Parameter parameter = new Parameter();"setCrop ");
parameter.setCrop(crop); // BEWARE: Crop Rules are defective in JSON rendering"parameterCategoryRepository.findByName(category)");
ParameterCategory parameterCategory =
parameter.setTitle(title);"");;"return parameter");
return parameter;
......@@ -157,41 +157,33 @@ public class TraitsController extends RestController {
@PathVariable("crop") String cropName,
@RequestBody PropertyJson propertyJson
) throws ValidationException {"Creating property for crop '"+cropName+"':");
Validator validator = new Validator();
List<ConstraintViolation> violations = validator.validate(propertyJson);
if (violations.size() > 0) {
// TODO We could do better messages on validation error
throw new ModelValidationException("Validation problem", violations);
}"Calling cropService.getCrop('"+cropName+"'):");
Crop crop = cropService.getCrop(cropName) ;
//LOG.debug("getParameter? ");
LOG.debug("Calling getParameter()");
Parameter property = traitService.getParameter(crop, propertyJson.title);
if(property == null) {
// create if not available already?
property = traitService.addParameter(crop, propertyJson.category, propertyJson.title);
} else
LOG.warn("Property '"+propertyJson.title+"' in category '"+
propertyJson.category+"' for crop '"+
cropName+"' already exists?");
//Parameter property = traitService.getParameter(crop, propertyJson.title);
//if(property == null) { // create if not available already?"Calling traitService.addParameter()");
Parameter property = traitService.addParameter(crop, propertyJson.category, propertyJson.title);"Returning from createProperty()");
// property = traitService.addParameter(crop, propertyJson.category, propertyJson.title);
// LOG.debug("...done.");
//} else
// LOG.warn("Property '"+propertyJson.title+"' in category '"+
// propertyJson.category+"' for crop '"+
// cropName+"' already exists?");
return property;
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