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# Genesys release 2.1
September 2017
* 2275e08c Jumpy dropdown menu
* 7e73e749 Loggers admin failure
* 7fe8b4a1 Fixed display of sci name in My List
* 707b92d7 Creating new lists of accessions impossible for USER
* 207d0406 Reduced logging in LocaleURLFilter
* 37c086c3 Revised MVC logging
* 6b148a16 Improve MVC logging
* 390b9b64 Autocomplete for "Add multiple accessions" fields
* c9eb0f9e "Saved list of accessions" dropdown doesn't close
* d39b40ea "Saved list of accessions" section is disappeared
* 53f441b6 Issue #139 Regression: CSS update
* 9ba735bd Common database for Saved lists of accessions
* 5e0ff65d Apply button on "Latitude" filter e.g.,isn't disabled
* 28fe3c70 Use AccessionDetails for list of selected accessions
* 2de2b1bb Formatting of applied filters
* 55ca354a 1) Request's Accept header should be application/json - done.
* c3e505df Ability to save map with an existing title.
* 13470be7 Menu doesn't close by clicking on the free space.
* a022bc20 Bug: User can to save a list with an existing title or with empty title - * fixed.
* 49d7591e Ability to apply filters without inputing characters.
* 9c0b6a59 Impossibility to change user password 2nd time.
* a92e9160 When page zoom equals 100%, menu items hidden in burger
* 3a39c7d6 "Magnifier" button isn't working
* b977bd38 The whole "HELP" section is clickable.
* c7c2e333 Never delete accessions with DOI
* 4ccdcf25 Link to crop pages
* 941e0f2e Tags: accession-details-link and accession-details-url with DOI or ID
* bf425918 DOI resolver for accessions
* 02eb36bf DOI as accession URL
* 433119af When user goes to the next page, the page doesn't scroll up.
* 3eff5fc0 DOI Export revision: DOI as first column in Excel export, included in meta.xml
* 7cd80dac DOI in export
* aac191e4 DOI code revision: liquibase rollback and DOI display
* 94d43f60 Add DOI field
* c097f26c Print all environment var info
* 1d4a72d8 DOCKER_VERSION in .gitlab-ci.yml
* 61b81882 Merged HZ configuration
* 8c8612d4 Genesys docker image with jetty:9.4.5 instead of jetty:9.4-alpine
* c6ab0ae4 About Genesys" drop-down menu is constantly opens when user navigate to any page from this menu.
* ab8349f6 Asciidoc missing images
* de35a2d2 - fixed missing javascript
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