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      Merge branch '48-administration-pages' into 'master' · 435bf7e5
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      Administration pages
      Closes #48
      See merge request !18
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      Administration pages · 680dcac1
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      Merge branch 'master' into production · 9015c26b
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      * master: (31 commits)
        refactored autocomplete method
        Multiple countries of origin for filtering accessions
        KML and ZIP download with regions filter
        Auto-center map for countries and regions
        Create Country#boundingBox columns
        Country bounding box
        Run controlled database migration only when not generating schema automatically Connect set to readonly(false) by default by JDBC pool
        Use a direct JDBC driver data source for Liquibase
        Filter by last update date
        Fixed user sort order
        Entities have auto-generated id < 0
        Spring security.xml and oauth-security.xml conflicted in authenticationManager bean
        Using app-blocks-security
        Refactored model for app-blocks VersionedModel to app-blocks#VersionedModel VersionedAuditedModel to app-blocks#AuditedVersionedModel BusinessModel to app-blocks.BasicModel ClassPK from app-blocks
        query-dsl + upgraded spring-data-jpa
        Don't die on missing validation email article
        AuthUserDetails was removed, security principal is instance of User
        System accounts don't have passwords
        AsAdminAspect should not keep using the temporary SYS_ADMIN authorization
        Using Liquibase for schema updates
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      Use 2.0-production for production server · 99245bf3
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      Fixed CI for production deployment · 52d6bf16
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