Commit 8c8612d4 authored by Matija Obreza's avatar Matija Obreza

Genesys docker image with jetty:9.4.5 instead of jetty:9.4-alpine

parent 18fc411e
# Build Genesys server on top of jetty-alpine
FROM jetty:9.4-alpine
FROM jetty:9.4.5
LABEL maintainer "Matija Obreza <>"
......@@ -15,14 +15,14 @@ WORKDIR ${JETTY_BASE}
# Update jetty configuration
RUN mkdir -p ${GENESYS_DATA} \
&& chown ${USER}.${USER} ${GENESYS_DATA}
# Add war file to the setup
COPY ${GENESYS_WAR} ${JETTY_BASE}/webapps/genesys2-server.war
# List image contents
RUN chmod go+r ${JETTY_BASE}/webapps/genesys2-server.war \
# Directories and permissions
RUN mkdir -p ${GENESYS_DATA} \
&& chown ${USER}.${USER} ${GENESYS_DATA} \
&& chmod go+r ${JETTY_BASE}/webapps/genesys2-server.war \
&& chmod go+rwx ${GENESYS_DATA} \
&& find ${JETTY_BASE} -type f -exec ls -la {} \;
# Exposed data volumes
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