Commit a98587c9 by Matija Obreza

Merge branch '102-impossibility-to-apply-filters-on-the-overview-institute-page' into 'master'

Impossibility to Apply filters on the overview institute page. Closes #102 See merge request !37
parents 99505a7c bd91d830
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......@@ -279,7 +279,7 @@ public class WiewsController extends BaseController {
AppliedFilters appliedFilters = new AppliedFilters();
appliedFilters.add(new AppliedFilter().setFilterName(FilterConstants.INSTCODE).addFilterValue(new FilterHandler.LiteralValueFilter(faoInstitute.getCode())));
return "forward:/explore/overview?filter=" + URLEncoder.encode(appliedFilters.toString(), "UTF8");
return "redirect:/explore/overview?filter=" + URLEncoder.encode(appliedFilters.toString(), "UTF8");
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