Commit 0647be0f authored by Oleksii Savran's avatar Oleksii Savran Committed by Matija Obreza
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fixed invalid labels in Status filter

parent 020c7c64
......@@ -5,14 +5,14 @@ import StringArrFilter from 'ui/common/filter/StringArrFilter';
import { PublishState } from 'model/common.model';
interface IStatusFilter {
isMaterialRequestFilter?: true;
isMaterialRequestFilter?: boolean;
class StatusFilter extends React.Component<IStatusFilter, any> {
private options: object = {};
public componentWillMount() {
const isMaterialRequestFilter = this.props;
const {isMaterialRequestFilter} = this.props;
if (isMaterialRequestFilter) {
this.options[0] = 'requests.common.state.0';
this.options[1] = 'requests.common.state.1';
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