Commit b91fd3e4 authored by Matija Obreza's avatar Matija Obreza Committed by Viacheslav Pavlov

npm audit fix, webpack-dev-server needs more memory to start up

- chartkick
parent e7cf13da
......@@ -3297,9 +3297,9 @@
"chartkick": {
"version": "3.1.1",
"resolved": "",
"integrity": "sha512-7M8VR99o0W0feas1HP/yc7pXnZElqNn2V6RMEU2TfYr/Emb5PMIL4GeuNbui8idaZ0en29cz5cbynuRcAFieDA=="
"version": "3.2.0",
"resolved": "",
"integrity": "sha512-EkscIyDBdtUJVIuA2kIIjMq+YkNf4jDWr1fYjDUMZ9IakIJFoJ+9Hl+PW/POutElu8iYbebCEHWsrsXu09o4hw=="
"chokidar": {
"version": "2.1.8",
......@@ -27,8 +27,8 @@
"build": "npm run generateI18n && webpack --config config/webpack-development.config.js",
"build:production": "cross-env NODE_ENV=production SSR=true webpack --config config/webpack-production.config.js",
"build:server": "cross-env NODE_ENV=production SSR=true webpack --config config/server.config.js",
"serve": "npm run generateI18n && webpack-dev-server --config config/webpack-development.config.js",
"serve:production": "cross-env NODE_ENV=production webpack-dev-server --config config/webpack-production.config.js",
"serve": "npm run generateI18n && cross-env NODE_OPTIONS=--max_old_space_size=8192 webpack-dev-server --config config/webpack-development.config.js",
"serve:production": "cross-env NODE_ENV=production NODE_OPTIONS=--max_old_space_size=8192 webpack-dev-server --config config/webpack-production.config.js",
"build:ssr": "npm run generateI18n && rimraf target && npm run build:production && npm run build:server",
"serve:ssr": "npm run build:ssr && cd target/app/server && cross-env SSR=true node server.js",
"debug:ssr": "rimraf target && npm run build && cross-env SSR=true webpack --config config/server.config.js && cd target/app/server && cross-env SSR=true node server.js",
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