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......@@ -12,6 +12,30 @@
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
MCPD <- list(
SAMPSTAT = list("Wild" = list(100, "Natural" = 110, "Semi-natural/wild"=120, "Semi-natural/sown"=130),
"Weedy" = 200,
"Traditional cultivar/landrace" = 300,
"Breeding/research material"= list(400, "Breeder’s line"=410,"Synthetic population"=411,"Hybrid"=412,"Founder stock/base population"=413,"Inbred line (parent of hybrid cultivar)"=414,"Segregating population"=415,"Clonal selection"=416,"Genetic stock"=420,"Mutant (e.g. induced/insertion mutant, tilling population)"=421,"Cytogenetic stock (e.g. chromosome addition/substitution, aneuploids, amphiploids)"=422,"Other genetic stocks (e.g. mapping populations)"=423),
"Advanced or improved cultivar (conventional breeding methods)"=500,
"GMO (by genetic engineering)"=600,
"Other (elaborate in REMARKS field)"=999),
STORAGE = list("Seed collection"=list(10,"Short term"=11,"Medium term"=12,"Long term"=13),
"Field collection"=20,
"In vitro collection"=30,
"Cryopreserved collection"=40,
"DNA collection"=50,
"Other (elaborate in REMARKS field)"=99),
COLLSRC = list("Wild habitat"=list(10,"Forest or woodland"=11,"Shrubland"=12,"Grassland"=13,"Desert or tundra"=14,"Aquatic habitat"=15),
"Farm or cultivated habitat"=list(20,"Field"=21,"Orchard"=22,"Backyard, kitchen or home garden (urban, peri-urban or rural)"=23,"Fallow land"=24,"Pasture"=25,"Farm store"=26,"Threshing floor"=27,"Park"=28),
"Market or shop"=30,
"Institute, Experimental station, Research organization, Genebank"=40,
"Seed company"=50,
"Weedy, disturbed or ruderal habitat"=list(60,"Roadside"=61,"Field margin"=62),
"Other (Elaborate in REMARKS field)"=99)
#' Make or adjust filter using MCPD terminology
#' See FAO/Bioversity Multi-Crop Passport Descriptors.
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