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......@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@ Download the two "large split polygons" shapefiles in WGS84 projection from:
Shapefiles used in this application are derived from OSM data, © OpenStreetMap contributors.
Create a `data` subdirectory in the directory with the jar file.
......@@ -31,6 +30,22 @@ JAI library creates an AWT window. Run in headless mode:
## Validating Country of Origin ##
Download two distinct shapefiles with country borders:
* (six dissolved layers)
Unpack the zip archives and drop the data into the `data/` folder. The application will load
`TM_WORLD_BORDERS-0.3.shp` and `gadm28_adm0.shp` (the top-admin-level shapefile) and
`gadm28_adm1.shp` (the 2nd-level admin regions shapefile).
The `TM_WORLD_BORDERS` data is used for initial matching. Any mismatch will then be looked up in the
very detailed `GADM0` and `GADM1` layers.
## Features ##
* Accepts CSV as input, produces CSV output
Supports Markdown
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