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      CropLoading of Categories completed; Crop updates were problematic due · 850b43fc
      Richard Bruskiewich authored
      to a subtle JSON artifact which introduced escaped quotes ('\"') into
      language maps when language sub-maps were converted to strings
      (toString), added to an Json object, then the total Json object
      converted (again) to a string (toString a second time...).
      Resolved the issue by only converting to strings (with toString) once...
      Crop updates now work (again) with non-English languages throughout, in
      a manner that the web interface now updates crop-specific labels.
      One last enhancement being contemplated is to perhaps introduce RDF
      triplet statements to encode Crop taxonomy information including foreign
      language names.
      Note that perhaps there needs to be a robust way of updating the
      database for additional non-English language strings after the initial
      loading of the database with the original (meta-)data.
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      Added "loadPropertyCategories()" method to retrieve RDF specified · 826efd46
      Richard Bruskiewich authored
      Property Categories ("ParameterCategory") from
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      ParameterCategories modelled as a separate ConceptScheme in the RDF · 15a6f525
      Richard Bruskiewich authored
      trait vocabulary, to allow for bulk uploading and initialization of
      Core model split off and stored in a
      src/test/resources/CoreTraitOntology.n3 model file, with Musa sample
      trait meta-data alongside.
      CropDescriptorQuery changed to suit, but changes (to ParameterCategory
      handling) not yet fully propagated to CropDescriptorLoader.
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      Baseline version of the CropDescriptorLoader, which handles the · 563877d2
      Richard Bruskiewich authored
      specification of crop, property category, property and method meta-data
      loading into GENESYS (where property/method is loaded from the 
      data.bioversityinternational.org RDF triple store) appears to be 
      essentially functional using the current GENESYS data model.
      NOT included are proposed new functionality for GENESYS management of
      such meta-data, such as recording of the RDF URI, and the handling of
      other languages.