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      CropLoading of Categories completed; Crop updates were problematic due · 850b43fc
      Richard Bruskiewich authored
      to a subtle JSON artifact which introduced escaped quotes ('\"') into
      language maps when language sub-maps were converted to strings
      (toString), added to an Json object, then the total Json object
      converted (again) to a string (toString a second time...).
      Resolved the issue by only converting to strings (with toString) once...
      Crop updates now work (again) with non-English languages throughout, in
      a manner that the web interface now updates crop-specific labels.
      One last enhancement being contemplated is to perhaps introduce RDF
      triplet statements to encode Crop taxonomy information including foreign
      language names.
      Note that perhaps there needs to be a robust way of updating the
      database for additional non-English language strings after the initial
      loading of the database with the original (meta-)data.
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      Added "loadPropertyCategories()" method to retrieve RDF specified · 826efd46
      Richard Bruskiewich authored
      Property Categories ("ParameterCategory") from