Commit 5d378a87 authored by Matija Obreza's avatar Matija Obreza
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Fix: gpg: Inappropriate ioctl for device

parent d06cda93
...@@ -114,17 +114,6 @@ ...@@ -114,17 +114,6 @@
<pushChanges>false</pushChanges> <pushChanges>false</pushChanges>
</configuration> </configuration>
</plugin> </plugin>
</plugins> </plugins>
</build> </build>
...@@ -173,6 +162,13 @@ ...@@ -173,6 +162,13 @@
<goals> <goals>
<goal>sign</goal> <goal>sign</goal>
</goals> </goals>
<!-- gpg: signing failed: No such file or directory -->
</execution> </execution>
</executions> </executions>
</plugin> </plugin>
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