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......@@ -44,6 +44,9 @@ Add a container `<div>` to your HTML page and initialize the Genesys UI with the
pdci: true, // Show PDCI
subsets: true, // Show list of subsets
datasets: true, // Show list of datasets
overviews: {
'aegis': false, // Don't display the AEGIS Overview
shoppingCart: {
enabled: true, // Enable shopping cart
......@@ -113,6 +116,49 @@ Features can be toggled by setting corresponding property **on** (set to `true`)
|`subsets`|`true`| Display the list of **subsets** on accession details page |
|`datasets`|`true`| Display the list of C&E **datasets** on accession details page |
|`pdci`|`true`| Display passport data completeness index (PDCI) information on accession details page |
|`overviews`|`{ ... }`| Allows for disabling individual sections in the display of Overviews |
### Disabling individual Overview sections
The Overviews sections display the number of accessions by different categories.
The following categories are available and enabled by default:
|`institute.code`| `false` | Number of accessions by FAO Institute Code of the holding genebank
|``| `false` | Number of accessions by the country of the holding genebank
|`cropName`| `true` | Crop name as submitted to Genesys
|`crop.shortName`| `true` | Genesys crop
|`sampStat`| `true` | Biological status of accession
|`taxonomy.genus`| `true` | Genus name
|`taxonomy.genusSpecies`| `true` | Species name
|``| `true` | Species name according to GRIN-Taxonomy (auto-detected by Genesys)
|``| `true` | The current species name according to GRIN-Taxonomy
|`countryOfOrigin.code3`| `true` | Country of origin
|`donorCode`| `true` | FAO WIEWS Institute code of the accession donor institute
|`mlsStatus`| `true` | Accession status in the Multi-lateral System of the ITPGRFA
|`available`| `true` | Accession availability
|`duplSite`| `true` | FAO WIEWS Institute code where accessions are safety-duplicated
|`storage`| `true` | Type of germplasm storage
|`breederCode`| `true` | FAO WIEWS Insitute code of the institute that bred the material
|`aegis`| `false` | Status of accession in European AEGIS network
|`sgsv`| `true` | Accessions safety-backed up in Svalbard Global Seed Vault
To disable the *AEGIS* and *Institute code* sections in the Overviews, the update your config to include:
const genesysConfig = {
..., // other configuration options
accession: {
... // other accession options
overviews: {
'aegis': false, // Don't display the AEGIS Overview
'institute.code': false, // Exclude summary by FAO Institude Code
... // other configuration
## Shopping cart and captcha options
......@@ -149,7 +195,7 @@ The map is **disabled by default**. To allow users to see map of accession colle
|`height`|`'400px'`| Height of the map of accessions (use a CSS expression) |
|`baseMap`|`{ url: ..., attribution: ... }`| See `url` and `attribution` below. |
|`baseMap.url`|[World_Light_Gray_Base]({z}/{y}/{x}/)| Tile server template URL for the base map layer. |
|`baseMap.attribution`|Tiles &copy; ...| Map base layer attribution. |
|`baseMap.attribution`|Tiles &copy; ...| Map base layer attribution |
# Translating Embedded Genesys
......@@ -15,6 +15,10 @@ const genesysConfig: Config = {
pdci: true,
subsets: true,
datasets: true,
overviews: {
'aegis': false,
'sgsv': false,
shoppingCart: {
enabled: true,
......@@ -92,8 +92,8 @@ export const defaultConfig: Partial<Config> = {
datasets: true,
subsets: true,
overviews: {
'institute.code': true,
'': true,
'institute.code': false,
'': false,
'cropName': true,
'crop.shortName': true,
'sampStat': true,
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ export const defaultConfig: Partial<Config> = {
'duplSite': true,
'storage': true,
'breederCode': true,
'aegis': true,
'aegis': false,
'sgsv': true,
......@@ -104,8 +104,8 @@
"institute country code3": "Country of holding institute",
"crop shortName": "Crop",
"sampStat": "Biological status of accession",
"taxonomy genus": "Genus name provided to Genesys",
"taxonomy genusSpecies": "Species name provided to Genesys",
"taxonomy genus": "Genus name",
"taxonomy genusSpecies": "Species name",
"taxonomy grinTaxonomySpecies": "Matched GRIN taxon",
"taxonomy currentTaxonomySpecies": "Current GRIN taxon",
"countryOfOrigin code3": "Provenance of material",
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