Commit e2393077 authored by Matija Obreza's avatar Matija Obreza
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Merge branch '205-oauthclient-resize-origin-and-redirect-columns' into 'main'

Resolve "OAuthClient: resize origin and redirect columns"

Closes #205

See merge request grin-global/grin-global-server!249
parents 1962dab7 0b6666b1
......@@ -8293,3 +8293,16 @@ databaseChangeLog:
columnName: description
newDataType: nvarchar(max)
tableName: sys_table_lang
- changeSet:
id: 1623754985704-1
author: mborodenko
- modifyDataType:
columnName: origins
newDataType: varchar(2000)
tableName: oauthclient
- modifyDataType:
columnName: redirect
newDataType: varchar(2000)
tableName: oauthclient
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