1. 08 Dec, 2022 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'release-2022.9' into upgrade-palmira · 19d37d15
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      * release-2022.9: (34 commits)
        [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v2022.9
        Inventory: Alert parent inventory is SYSTEM inventory on startup
        Last viability: Updated ApplicationStartup#generateSeedInventoryExtra to first delete all extras, then find only one inventoryViability per inventory
        Last viability: Updated triggers and tests to always process seedExtra.lastViability
        Inventory: Process extra for last viability updates
        Startup: Generate inventory extra by last viability
        Liquibase: Add mediaTypeCode and extraType to Inventory extra
        Inventory: SeedInventoryExtra with lastViabilityResult
        Inventory: Included InventoryExtra in list()
        CustomTypeIdResolver: TypeIdResolver for subtypes by _class
        Inventory: TissueCultureExtra, SeedInventoryExtra
        Liquibase: Inventory extra data entity table
        Inventory: extra data entity
        Include Geography in Method list endpoints
        Email: Updated template
        AppResource: Resize app_resource description and display_member to text
        Email: GGCE email template
        Java: Updated deprecation warnings
        ES: ElasticQueryBuilderTest must wait for ES to settle before adding the 11 species
        GenesysController: Update request provider endpoint
      # Conflicts:
      #	server/src/main/java/org/gringlobal/service/impl/ElasticsearchServiceImpl.java
      #	server/src/main/java/org/gringlobal/service/impl/InventoryServiceImpl.java
      #	server/src/test/java/org/gringlobal/test/util/TestCodeValues.java
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      Merge '2022.8.2' into palmira · a2082200
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      * release-2022.8:
        Merge branch '370-bug-reindex-all-es-does-not-reindex-all' into 'main'
        Merge branch '367-startup-warn-about-users-without-site' into 'main'
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      Merge '2022.8.1' into palmira · aa04a356
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      * commit 'c5f2265a':
        Merge branch 'soap-fixes' into 'main'
        Merge branch 'genesys-requests-not-draft' into 'main'
        Merge branch 'order-request-permissions' into 'main'
        pom: bouncycastle 1.70
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      Merge '2022.8' into palmira · 255d8485
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      * commit '56c49890': (49 commits)
        [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v2022.8
        Programmable liquibase: Keep author constant for ChangeSet uniqueness
        Branding: GGCE
        AccessionPedigree: lazyload for male and female accession
        Model: Added utility methods for working inside @Transactional scope
        TaxonomySpecies: filter directly by genus name
        AccessionPedigree: Accession has only one single AccessionPedigree record
        Jasper: Search for ResourceBundle by ResourceRepository.
        Jasper: report localization
        AccessionSource: Add new fields to filter
        Permission: Add checks for GenesysController and InventoryViabilityAction
        GGCE Sec: Declare GenesysRequests and GenesysUpload actions
        Jasper: Updates for CODEVALUE(group_name, value, lang) function
        Jasper: CodeValue translation custom function
        CI: Use runner docker to build image
        BUG: Calling ES refresh as part of clearing ES caches seems to affect deleteAll
        BUG: Fixed bug with Spring context in DataviewServiceImpl
        junit: Moved tests
        junit: Security context @ggceSec evaluates to wrong bean
        DataviewServiceImpl: Get JPA repositories from context on execution
      # Conflicts:
      #	server/src/main/resources/liquibase/liquibase-changeLog.yml
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      Merge branch 'release-2022.7' into palmira · 25f0ab8f
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      * release-2022.7:
        Merge branch '357-can-not-set-password' into 'main'
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