2021.14 adds API endpoints for source descriptor observations and inventory quality status. Input validation is added to crop trait and source descriptor observations. Remaining updates enhance API responses with more details and address issues identified during testing.

New features and API updates:

  • Added API for Source Descriptor observations
  • Added API for InventoryQualityStatus
  • Export passport data in MCPD Excel
  • OpenID Connect Discovery

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with CT startup when two users "share" the cooperator
  • Input validation added to CropTraitObservation and SourceDescObservation
  • Validation requires ..dateCode if ..date is provided
  • Fixed issue with order of user authorities when evaluating permissions
  • Fixed issue with pagination
  • Include inventory data in request item action list API response
  • Include request and finalRecipient in API response
  • Fixed incorrect CV for order request item actions

Database changes:

  • There are no changes to the database model between v2021.13 and v2021.14 release


  • 4dbfdead SourceDescriptor: Fetch current sourceDescriptor and sourceDescriptorCode before create/update
  • 8998a212 Translation<E, L>: Declare @JsonIdentityInfo for Jackson serialization
  • df7e710b SourceDescription: filter by title
  • b0ecc5bd API for Source descriptor observations: TranslatedSourceDescObservation
  • 1404452c Observations: CropTraitObservation and SourceDescObservation input validation
  • c802983c API for Source descriptor observations
  • 553a3088 OpenID: Updates for Fieldbook app
  • 20680e61 OpenID Connect Discovery: OpenIDConnectController
  • 72f872d4 SOAP: Fixed cooperator lookups for cases where two users "share" the cooperator
  • 4d8bcccb ANTLR: Original GG search engine lexer and parser
  • c1fccee7 ACL: Clean up authorities
  • 5653e09f ACL: order of authorities is very important!
  • a801c3ee ES: Index configuration should be set using templates, not in the service
  • 48412d24 InventoryQualityStatus API
  • 2b78444e Download MCPD in Excel
  • 81151894 Fixed CodeValue caching
  • d20b5e2f Withdraw action: Inventory record access code coverage
  • 8fb39a8c BUG: Withdrawal action needs access to the actual Inventory record
  • 5fad1f67 Actions: CommunityCodeValues only declare things we rely on
  • bec50de4 Actions: Require the dateCode if the date is provided
  • a5e0d29e Actions: Use service create/update to update action data, do NOT update action details when using close and reopen endpoints
  • 594cfb29 Inventory action: WITHDRAW
  • f3fa2468 CRUD: Detach source entity before updating an existing record!
  • 0e4b0c84 Bug: CRUD pagination
  • 8175da26 Order request actions: Include request and finalRecipient in API response
  • 4c078f61 Distribution: Include inventory data in request item action list
  • 820af1a3 Distribution: Fixed incorrect CV for order request item actions
  • 226f0b3d Fixed "VERIFY ITEM LIST" UI bug