v2021.7 focuses on improved support for viability testing.

New features and API updates:

  • Added API endpoints for inventory viability rules, viability testing
  • Added API for managing AppSettings


  • Enabled editing of code values using the Curator Tool
  • Better support for full-text querying with lenient query parsing

Database model:

  • There are no changes to the database model between v2021.7 and v2021.7 release


  • c6533d7c Viability: API calls with more details
  • bcab70b3 CI: Pipeline updated for modular project structure
  • 85a18629 POM: Modular GG-CE Java project
  • 262a8875 CI: Maven opts updated
  • 09c08c17 SOAP: Improved support for generics in SaveData
  • f9284a8e Dataview: Enable editing in get_code_value and get_code_value_lang dataviews
  • 029cabc5 Bugfix: SYSTEM IMP must include ManagementType
  • 8d85d8a4 Ensure community AppSettings on startup
  • 2276732f AppSettings: Fetch app setting by name and categoryTag
  • 48d1aefa Viability: create API fixed
  • 25f97c1f ES: Use lenient queryStringQuery
  • ef53d53b Jetty: update to 9.4.40
  • c19f77a6 Viability: API endpoint to fetch InventoryViability details
  • a6f8aadf Viability: creating the order starts the VIABILITY_TEST action
  • 0401b090 CRUD APIs for InventoryViabilityRule
  • c633e41a JUnit: Test cleanup
  • 7af15f90 Core: Use DB to calculate duration of OrderRequest and Actions
  • 204309d2 AppSettings: Added API to mange app settings