2021.8.1 patch release addresses issues with permission checks when updating specific records (e.g. InventoryViabilityData).

Database changes:

  • GG-CE-specific columns oauthclient.origins and oauthclient.redirect are resized from 200 to varchar(2000)


  • 6731ad30 CI: Updated tagging of edge, latest docker images
  • 51d709c6 CRUD: don't call update(updated, load(updated))
  • 8be3df09 Web: Removed obsolete WebAuditedModel and WebAuditedModelFilter
  • faa8f232 Startup: Assign missing accession and inventory numbers in background
  • f1cc6613 CRUDController update returns reloaded object
  • 0d687926 Viability: ensure counterCooperator is returned
  • b6819891 AccessionTriggers: updated tests
  • 1164cb86 AccessionTriggers: using aggregated AuditLogs to record Accession changes
  • a7307d6f CRUDService: do not lazyLoad before calling update(updated, target)
  • 0b6666b1 OAuthClient: resize origins and redirect columns
  • d3f575b2 CRUD: Don't detach target entity