2022.1 adds support to generate PDF documents from data in your GG-CE database and fixes a number of issues related to using the Curator Tool with GG-CE.

New features and API updates:

  • Added support to generate PDF documents using Jasper

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Upgraded log4j2
  • Fixed an issue with dates being incorrectly recorded when using the Curator Tool
  • Fixed an issue with Curator Tool with saving data for select dataviews
  • Fixed an issue where the Curator Tool does display records that actually exist in the database

Database changes:

  • There are no changes to the database model between v2021.14 and v2022.1 release

Announcing: Generating PDFs

Genebanks commonly need to prepare documentation (e.g. the SMTA with the list of material) and either provide the document in electronic or printed form. As of release 2022.1 GG-CE Server can generate PDF documents based on the data in your GG-CE database.

This release does not include any templates as we first need to develop the supporting documentation on how they can be created or adapted to your needs, and triggering the generation of PDFs needs to be added to the GG-CE Web. We will most likely start in Distribution to create a shipping list to include with the package.

The library powering the PDF generation is the open-source JasperReports® library. Jaspersoft Studio is a user-friendly tool for designing good-looking documents.

Running GG-CE Server on a virtual path

The server and web containers will usually run behind a proxy and an existing domain name will be reused to make GG-CE accessible. The actual URLs at which GG-CE services are accessible must be specified in the container configuration.

Example: Both GG-CE API and Web use the same host name, but are accessible on different virtual paths: API server is accessible at https://genebank.lan/server and GG-CE Web at https://genebank.lan/gg-ce.

Configuration for the server must declare at least the BASE_URL:

Setting Value
BASE_URL https://genebank.lan/server The full URL where GG-CE Server is accessible, may include the virtual path (without trailing /)
FRONTEND_URL https://genebank.lan/gg-ce The full URL where GG-CE Web is accessible is used to automatically update the defaultclient@localhost OAuth config.


  • edd2d49f Merge branch '176-test-coverage-60' into 'main'
  • e082abf0 Fix: Missing base.cookie-domain default value
  • e37d5b54 Config: Auto-detection of settings based on BASE_URL.
  • 566ceb86 Configure web application virtual path with CONTEXT_PATH
  • 50a3906f Jasper: Generating PDF reports
  • 7352048b Jasper: Initial JasperReportService implementation
  • 98029ead Log4j: 2.17.1 upgrade due to CVE-2021-45046
  • ec01df4e Code formatted
  • 02812d30 Merge branch '256-brapi-v2' into 'main'
  • 467222fc Dates: Using Java and Intl API date formatting tokens
  • 949536c2 Dataviews: Updated sys_matrix_input to resolve X_code_lang, X_code to X
  • 093d73bf Dataviews: Original sys_matrix_input
  • 85d9d881 SOAP: Determine saveData target entity from primary key field
  • 7ab4cf61 API: Added /api/v1/app/server-info controller with server TZ information
  • 2d3d0032 SOAP: Force DateTimeMode.Unspecified for date fields in DataTables and serialize them without TZ info
  • 5bf63de4 OOM: Clear em between iterations to assign inventoryNumber