[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v2022.4

2022.4 provides a more sensible default database for fresh GGCE deployments with a reduced list of default code values. It includes minor improvements and bug fixes of existing functionality.

New features:

  • Setting up a new GGCE database provides a reduced set of default code values
  • Email notification is sent to the user after a successful password reset

Database changes:

  • Dropped the not-null constraint on normal_count in inventory_viability_data (to allow NULL values)


  • dfb6e9b5 Reset password improvements
  • 72b5807b Admin MVC: Dump cache contents to log
  • df1e2f75 CV: Updated handling of ensureCodeValue and cache keys
  • d1cb7a44 @CodeValueField: Disable CV validation for Taxonomy* entities
  • 086541b5 FileRepository: added ZIP endpoints
  • b962ef76 Viability: Allow null for normalCount
  • c000044a AppSettings update
  • 81710452 CRUDController#create and #update use load by id instead of reload
  • b763cb0c Default code values for the GGCE database.
  • d3cb43b9 Startup: Updates for default OAuth client and SMTP configuration