2022.5 directly integrates with Plant Treaty's DOI Registration Service for minting and assigning DOIs to accessions. You can now also specify the type of container of individual inventories and customize the list of available options using the CONTAINER_TYPE code values group.

New features:

  • Inventory can specify its type of container (e.g. paper bag, can, glass jar, etc.)
  • Accession similarity search allows for finding matching records in your database

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Extended filtering of accessions and inventories by inventory groups
  • Added autocomplete endpoint for AclSid (users and OAuth clients)
  • Implemented a more reliable pagination method
  • The system will no longer assign barcodes to system inventories

Database changes:

  • Column container_type_code added to inventory


  • ee012aab Fix: Never generate barcodes for system inventories
  • 6a567714 Added autocomplete endpoint for AclSid by SysUser and OAuthClient
  • a5ecd470 Jetty upgraded to 10.0.9
  • 24117e31 Include sorting by @Id fields for base services
  • 8911fed5 Updated InventoryFilter and AccessionFilter
  • 8f5fafcd Type of Container
  • 41a7b243 Admin MVC to API
  • 732ca5db Accession similarity search
  • f808220c CI: Deploy main branch to staging server, do not upgrade demo instance automatically
  • 09a8331c Filtering by inventory group
  • 5de11833 GLIS DOI: Improved handling of 400 client XML errors
  • 3025c8ad OrderRequestServiceImpl: Inventory quantityOnHand updates
  • 0eb7b3da Update: application-blocks:4.0-SNAPSHOT
  • 4197d148 GLIS: DOI Registration Service
  • aadd9ca8 Dependency update
  • da50e878 Updates for CVE-2022-22965