Commit 0ca8c7df authored by Maksym Tishchenko's avatar Maksym Tishchenko
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Merge branch '403-label-printing-for-viability-test' into 'main'

Label printing for viability test

Closes #403

See merge request grin-global/grin-global-ui!395
parents 5b6b7c52 221c99f7
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ class DetailsPage extends React.Component<PropsFromRedux & WithTranslation & IWi
for (let replicate = 1; replicate <= replicates; replicate++) {
yield {
inventoryViability: viability,
inventory: viability.inventory,
accession: viability.inventory.accession,
inventoryViabilityRule: viability.inventoryViabilityRule,
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