2021.10 features integration with Genesys to fetch requests for material, fully translated to French and Arabic, better organized navigation and many other improvements based on your feedback.

New features:

  • The main menu is organized into sections: Passport data, Inventory, Distribution, Seed viability, Taxonomy.
  • Added integration with Genesys to list requests for material.
  • Preferred names of Accession and Inventories are displayed.
  • GG-CE is translated to fr and ar (thanks Yassine, Romeo and Kpeki)
  • Adding and editing Order request actions

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved display of tabular data, including a button to select all rows.
  • Actions on selected table rows are moved to the floating action button.
  • Removed Site locations from Admin tools.
  • Enabled filtering of Order requests by duration and number of order items.

GG-CE in French and Arabic

GG-CE needs to be available to genebank staff in their language. This release includes French and Arabic!



Help us improve translations and add new languages at https://www.transifex.com/crop-trust/gg-ce-web/

Updated table display

We finally added a button to Select all rows in a table! The Table settings button can now be found on the opposite side of the table header row.


After selecting one or more rows in a table, the floating action button changes from the usual + (to add a record) to a menu of actions to perform on the selected rows.


Genesys requests for material

Most genebanks allow Genesys users to file request for material. The requests are relayed to the genebank only after the request is validated (email validation, Easy-SMTA PID validation).

This release enables GG-CE users to browse the requests in Genesys using the Distribution section of GG-CE under Genesys requests.


The requests are fetched using Genesys API and GG-CE needs to be configured with Genesys API keys. The Genesys requests are displayed in a table and by clicking the email address of the requestor, the complete request is displayed, including requestor's Easy-SMTA PID data and the list of requested accessions.

In future releases we can add support for matching the requestor with an existing Cooperator record, or register a new cooperator if necessary. This is a required step before the Genesys request can be converted to a OrderRequest in GG-CE.

Requests for material

Following your feedback we updated the Distribution section, especially the Request module. It allows for better adding of accessions or inventories to a request, changing the source inventory to be distributed, recording order request and request item actions, and editing of individual request items.


  • 85046f72 Selecting Source Inventory for Withdrawal
  • 48a4756e Layouts: Logo always points to Home /
  • 8bd68562 Security: Fixed issue when permission is not declared on site and must use null-site permissions
  • e958c012 Requests. Items list frame/section
  • 7f89366f Requests. Recording the "Actions" of a Request.
  • 296ea23f Genesys: Updated UI of Genesys requests
  • 8e6e8b13 Genesys requests for material
  • 279b2cba Genesys API: Added initial Genesys models and service
  • 8555ad49 Added "FABmenu" on pages instead of "ButtonSnackbar"
  • 0ba1a8e8 Requests. Add by Accession. Non-Functionally requirements
  • 0af507b1 Requests. Add "Item Count" column to Request details page.
  • 37b0ffb2 Drop Site Locations
  • e52bb73e Fix tables "No rows" message
  • ff5dd819 Table: no rows indicator
  • c64cc146 Seed viability
  • 1dfa1157 Schedule inventory action reference
  • ba743d72 CodeValue translations
  • a9abd929 Selected inventory references
  • b1daf743 Georeference datum
  • d518d465 RTL: Use LTR for DOI field
  • acc2b58c l10n: FR updated
  • a71fdc2e l10n: AR added
  • a0cdd17f Requests. "Remove" button.
  • f9572b9b Requests: fix item loading data
  • ea58a9f6 Accession/Inventory: Display preferredName
  • 6e1fdcc4 l10n: Updated FR translations
  • 2952e766 Fix: Inventory table should not render fields loaded in details page
  • 70d35cec AuditLogs: AuditLogsTable is generic, requires the type for i18n
  • 13baa415 i18n: Updated labels
  • 80c3bc98 Requests: filtering by number of items and duration
  • 166979cd Seed Viability. Non-functionally requirements.
  • 85de9bc1 Requests. The "Local number" is not an unique identifier of the order.
  • 98ddbe88 Add geography country list
  • 0d1aeaf5 Fix order request action filter to filter by orderRequest
  • f6286366 Uncertainty in Add method
  • 4ac9c464 "Preservation method" field in create new inventory
  • e77daa54 Crop trait translation
  • 25d43abb Add inventory action: sort actions alphabetically
  • 053bf501 Viability: Edit InventoryViability
  • 63535c61 Application sections
  • 62919f11 Cooperator: find similar
  • 1b5dc71a Accession: add MLS Status