2021.11 features uploading of passport data of selected accessions to Genesys, assists in keeping the cooperator address book clean and improves support for inventory groups.

New features:

  • Upload passport data to Genesys
  • Avoid duplications in the Cooperator address book
  • Added Groups tab to accession and inventory pages

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Conveniently add a new Cooperator when adding a new Order Request
  • Inventory groups: add accessions or add inventories to the group, fixed bug when only group 100 members were displayed
  • List of inventory groups displays the number of items in each group, allows sorting

Upload passport data to Genesys

The previous release 2021.10 enabled GG-CE users to browse the requests in Genesys using the Distribution section of GG-CE under Genesys requests.

In 2021.11 accession passport data can be directly uploaded from GG-CE to Genesys from the MCPD view of the passport data:


The uploading is executed by the server and the upload progress is displayed in the browser. You can safely navigate away and the server will continue uploading.

  • Apply the filters, make sure you select only Is Web Visible accessions.
  • Click Upload to Genesys, you will be prompted to confirm the upload.
  • The upload progress dialog will display the number of records uploaded.



The template for Accession URL ACCEURL can be configured in the Admin tools, Application Settings. The template is in the MCPD category with name ACCEURL.

https://mygenebank/passport/{{#_urlpath}}{{{ accession.doi }}}{{/_urlpath}}

Any of the accession fields or a combination of them can be used in the template: accession.accessionNumber, accession.doi, accession.id, etc. Please check that the URLs are correctly generated in the MCPD view of passport data!

Avoid duplications in the Cooperator address book

Maintaining a clean list of contacts is a challenge in any shared address book. It is easier to add a new entry than searching the database for an existing contact, resulting in multiple records for the same cooperator.

GG-CE provides a tool to search for similar records, and allows you to explore similarities for easier curation of the address book.


Compare similar records side by side and navigate between matches:


The list of similar cooperators is automatically displayed before a new cooperator is saved to the database, allowing the user to compare entries side by side, and deciding between adding a new record or updating an existing one.

Inventory groups

GG-CE includes the number of members of each group in the group listing and adds the Groups tab to inventory and accession pages:


Adding both accessions and inventories to groups is available in GG-CE Web.


  • c3f8930e Groups: Display number of items in each Group
  • cbfb2559 Inventory group members fix load on scroll
  • 3ce8e1b4 "Groups" tab with AccessionInvGroups
  • a0277e52 Inventory groups: + button
  • 4d8f100c Eslint auto-fix quotes
  • 381931bb Updated Cooperator form
  • 628a972e ESLint: Force double-quotes in JSX
  • 793811b8 Genesys: Upload dialog and accession filtering by webVisible
  • 49120fb7 Genesys: cancel upload
  • d10c4cad Genesys: Show upload progress
  • 2c722bfa Uploading passport data to Genesys
  • 8d613203 Updated OrderRequest form
  • e3c63d47 Search button