2021.12 features the Inventory Action Schedule, demonstrates how application documentation will be embedded with GG-CE and many improvements to Request processing.

New features:

  • Inventory Action Schedule, actions with notBeforeDate
  • Draft display of documentation embedded with the application

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Order request Attachments added
  • Bulk adding TaxonomySpecies to Crop and ViabilityRule
  • Renumbering items of an order request
  • Added support for additional helper text to forms
  • Added a new component for selecting date and date format
  • Display last completed order request action in the request list
  • Filtering viability rules by taxonomySpecies
  • Updated Accession details page
  • Additional form field validators and code value selectors

Inventory Action Schedule

The Inventory Action Schedule organizes and groups inventory actions to give you a quick picture of genebank activities in a selected time period. Actions are grouped by their completion status into:

  • Completed actions (green) that ended in the selected period.
  • In Progress actions (orange) that are ongoing in the selected period, meaning they have been started, but are not completed.
  • Overdue actions (red) are actions that should have completed in the selected period, but have not been started yet.


Two additional categories are listed for each action type:

  • Scheduled actions lists the activities that have been scheduled for the selected period (see below)
  • Added actions lists the activities that were registered during this period, but do not specify a future due date.

You can load the detailed list of actions by clicking the category label (e.g. Completed).

GG-CE allows you to select the time period (e.g. this month, next month, last year, etc.) for which to analyze the schedule to plan and prioritize activities. The two navigation buttons < Previous period and Next period > allow you to easily navigate the schedule.

Scheduling future activities

To enable planning of future activities, GG-CE extends all *Action records with a new notBeforeDate. This date field allows you to register an action with a future date and the action will not be considered due until the specified date. When notBeforeDate < today the action becomes due and is expected to be completed as soon as possible.

Example: after the seed is put into long-term storage, the first viability check should be performed in 10 years (depending on species, etc.) A Viability test action is added to the inventory with notBeforeDate = 21-SEP-2031. When browsing the action schedule for the year 2030, the viability test for this lot will not yet be due. But it will be included in the list of actions due in year 2031.

Depending on genebank capacity, actions will be rescheduled (i.e. pushed further into the future or pulled forward) in order to keep the "future backlog" down to a minimum.

Action forms are updated to edit the notBeforeDate:


GG-CE Documentation

GG-CE provides a number of tools for genebank staff and it is necessary to provide the users with convenient access to relevant documentation and user guides. This release provides the infrastructure for embedding the documentation in GG-CE as demonstrated below:


We are actively developing the documentation and future releases will come with more detailed instructions and user guides for new and for experienced users. The documentation is developed in English language, but may be translated and made available to your users in the local language.

Request processing

Request processing is updated with support for attachments to order requests (i.e. PDF documents, S/MTA, etc.)

Splitting a request

By selecting a few request items and setting their status to Split item a new request record is automatically registered in the system. The new order record is a copy of the original, but includes only the selected items. A link to the original request is displayed when looking at the details:


Renumbering request items

Request items that were split into a new request are for all purposes not part of this request anymore. You can Renumber the order items and assign them new sequential numbers:


Retrieval list

The Retrieval list allows for sorting and filtering the order items by their status:



  • e5551cf5 Geodetic datum in site input form for accession
  • 5206e820 Accession section details using <Table
  • b13eec8b Actions with notBeforeDate
  • 0f8b9dc8 Bulk adding TaxonomySpecies to Crop and ViabilityRule
  • fdfccec7 Viability: Filtering viability rules by taxonomySpecies
  • 5ff23dce OrderRequest Attachments
  • ae2a8267 Updated form field validators
  • c97ffa50 Inventory Action Schedule: Exclude 0 values from TreeMap
  • 8e62bcad Inventory Action Schedule: Sort by action title
  • bcb6e0dd Inventory Action Schedule
  • bb9822fd FIX: NPE in MCPD acceUrl
  • df692296 Order request: new endpoints for actions
  • 97229d09 Greater than zero validator
  • c5c8a1df Order request: dereferenceReferences in service
  • e94e3396 Order request: Fixed cooperator link for organization Cooperators
  • a6488bed Alert: Display link when order was split and has originalOrderRequest
  • 97d3ff48 Order requests: Display last completed action in order list, updated Cooperator display
  • 6287ec43 Distribution: Retrieval list with filtering
  • fcc5106d Forms: Using <DateAndFormatComponent for date + dateCode fields in forms
  • 23099987 Added DateAndFormat component
  • 646958b2 MCPD: Display ACCEURL as link
  • 40c6f229 Order request: show snackbar for result of verifyItemList action
  • cb82f718 Order request: Updated details page to list cooperators in correct order
  • 02c5700c Autocomplete: Added support for helperText
  • 13385104 Order request: edit form
  • 65a2746e Alerts: Fixed alert display on Documentation page
  • b609f261 Distribution: Add Distribution actions
  • 309cd56e Order Request: Actions bug
  • db4fa48b Order request: Renumber items
  • 982eed83 Documentation: Use EN documentation if selected language 404s
  • 15a9f09e Documentation: added styles for Markdown content
  • d1593c97 Passport data: Landing page