2021.13 includes the documentation about managing passport data in GG-CE and provides improved interfaces for editing passport data. The translation of GG-CE Web to French, Arabic, Taiwanese and Spanish is updated.

New features:

  • Enabled management of cooperators associated with each accession source
  • Added Source Descriptors management to Passport data section
  • Added System Languages management to Admin section

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Accession forms updated with hints for users
  • AR, FR, ES, ZH-TW translations updated
  • Browsing inventory, accession and order request actions allows for searching by inventory/acccession/order properties
  • Managing crop traits and trait codes enables simpler editing of their translations

Documentation: Passport data explained

We started documenting the features of GG-CE. The Passport data page explains how to make best use of GG-CE when handling accession-level (passport) data and where to store what:


Documentation on Inventory management, Distribution and Seed viability is coming soon!

Source cooperators

Partners and collaborators in collecting missions and donor information can be managed in the accession details page:


These source-cooperators record the information about institutes and individuals that participated in collecting missions, breeding or donation of germplasm. This data is used in MCPD to fill the collecting institute data, donor WIEWS code and name, breeding institute WIEWS code and name, etc.

Source descriptors

Source descriptors in GG-CE are used to describe the information about the collecting site (e.g. site topography, sun exposure, pest/disease data). This release adds support to define Source descriptors and their codes and translations. You can find the new menu item in the Passport data section of GG-CE:


Registering the actual observation data will be included in a future release and will follow the same approach as managing trait observation data.

Managing trait translations and languages

GG allows for storing translations of crop traits and source descriptors (and their codes) in the database. GG-CE Web provides an improved user interface for managing trait and trait code translations.


The 2021.13 release allows administrators to disable the languages that are not used by the genebank and add languages that are not provided out of the box.


Finding action records

Actions are split into four categories:

  • In progress: action has started, but is not yet completed (startedDate IS NOT NULL AND completedDate IS NULL)
  • Pending: action is not yet started, while it is already due (startedDate IS NOT NULL)
  • Completed: action is done (completedDate IS NOT NULL)
  • Scheduled: action is scheduled for some future date.

Browsing the action records now includes filtering by the inventory/order request/accession properties:



  • c081c364 Admin: Managing SysLang
  • 5b045dd0 Managing CropTraitCodes
  • 7c82f341 Tables: Added DATE_WITHCODE_RENDERER support and PrettyDate uses friendly display for future dates
  • d6530930 Actions: Improved action filtering and a new "Scheduled" actions tab
  • c14d5699 Source descriptors
  • ae4ef4f6 Crop Trait: API endpoint /crop-trait/{cropTraitId}/lang/{sysLangId} changed to PUT
  • d28218dc Bug: in withDialog the first Button is executed when hitting Enter key
  • dd61f379 dereferenceReferences: Allow dereferencing of nested arrays[].and[].props
  • d2d5f406 AccessionSource Cooperators
  • a573c956 Express: CSP headers
  • 87686331 Server: Require HTTP cookies for accessing GG-CE Web
  • e50fc675 i18n: Updated i18next configuration for GG-CE languages
  • bc2b0bba l10n: Updated AR, FR, ES, added ZH-TW translations
  • 978512ed Accession forms cleanup
  • a90c491f Accession actions update
  • 80f471b4 Accession forms: Name, Quarantine, IPR forms with hints