2021.14 adds support for Source descriptors to the Passport data section, Inventory quality tab to Inventories, buttons to assign and print inventory barcodes and improves existing user interfaces.

New features:

  • Added Source descriptors to Passport section
  • Added Quality tab to Inventory details
  • Added buttons to assign a barcode to an inventory and print inventory labels
  • Added Inventory management in GG-CE documentation

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Only title is required for CodeValueLang, CropTraitLang, ...
  • Introduced component error boundaries
  • Added more hints to forms
  • Updated translations management interfaces
  • Upgraded to node:16

Documentation: Inventory management explained

We started documenting the features of GG-CE. The new Help page in Inventory section introduces accession inventory management with GG-CE:


Enhancing passport data with source observations

Collecting forms usually include information about the source environment, sampling method, population density, site topography, traditional knowledge, etc.

Source descriptors are commonly included in published crop descriptor lists (example below is from "Descriptors for Banana"):


The approach to managing such source observations is similar to trait observations, except that trait observations are recorded on inventory level and source observations on the accession level (more specifically, on AccessionSource level).

Source descriptors

The source descriptors are accessible in the Passport section. Descriptors may be coded and can be easily translated:


Source observations

Source observations can be searched, added and edited under the new menu item "Source observations" and also in a new tab when browsing accession details:


Inventory quality

Results of virus indexing of individual samples are recorded under the "Quality" tab of each inventory:


GG-CE supports recording results of multiple replicate tests, test method, and dates of testing.


  • b75617fd Source descriptors: Use translated versions of source descriptors, updated UI
  • 82571d3f Source descriptor observations
  • 275872fe node: Upgrade to 16+
  • b98eea48 "Origin source type" translation
  • a3d1eab4 Redux connect and props
  • 1a50400e Translations tables
  • a422513c LangForms: description is not required
  • e94c294e Inventory: Quality tab
  • 4f240395 Add missing hints for admins
  • 18a9b8a5 Create new user group
  • fbffa1df Drop AppResource
  • 53408036 MCPD: Download MCPD in Excel format
  • f5b19edf Bug: CSS mess
  • 4a2d7c5c Bug: CodeValue lang edit results in loop
  • a0be6061 App: Added App and Route Error Boundary
  • 86ef2ee7 WebUserBrowsePage fix page crash
  • c7ef652d CI: Fixed tagging of ":latest" image
  • f482a317 Simplified component props with type detection
  • 7e53c4b7 Updating inventory and updating Redux
  • 8d436e67 Inventory item barcode and label printing
  • 81f1f038 Actions: Correctly update state when action data is modified
  • 86ebf253 Actions: Common i18n for action fields
  • 0b3c2fe8 Table: Added support for fallback i18n prefixes
  • e9cdf2af OrderRequestDetails: listOrderRequestItemsAction in SSR
  • f3eb9b23 OrderRequestItemAction form
  • 5977a073 AuditLogsTable: Fixed translation of propertyName
  • 766037e3 OrderRequestItem form with details
  • a2a1350d i18n: Always use fallback model translation key
  • 3c3b2eba i18n: Use common labels for note, title, description, isWebVisible and audit fields
  • 4f19296b Inventory Group: hints, method field
  • 19ce28a0 Accession source: Fixed invalid Cooperator link
  • a59901f5 Docs: Inventory management in GG-CE
  • 89c615ba Distribution: Updated request and request item actions
  • ac111a3a Inventory Display sections
  • b7655442 Inventory: Organized inventory item form and labels
  • 5f7b4510 Inventory Form with hints
  • ffdd38b7 Fonts: Updated for app-wide font-family
  • c2e616ff Bug: Checklist uses invalid filter