v2021.4 enables adding and editing Inventory Actions and makes the forms more user friendly.

New features:

  • Add and edit inventory actions
  • All edit and create forms use dialogs
  • Highlight modified form fields
  • Remove or edit selected table rows

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Accession and Inventory Summaries support filters
  • Filter inventories by inventoryNumberPart3
  • Inventory Maintenance Policy with managementTypeCode field


The forms are displayed as dialogs and fields modified by the user are highlighted. This allows the user to decide between saving the updates or canceling their changes.


Inventory actions

Schedule pending inventory actions and edit existing actions for individual inventories:


Actions can selected for editing or removed:


Filtering summary data

Filters can be applied in Accession and Inventory summaries:



  • ad106d80 Added ButtonSnackbar to pages
  • caba1ff9 Sync component selected state with table
  • 46b692e8 Inventory action form
  • 8685838b Move "create" forms from routes to dialogs
  • acffb200 Rename to inventoryMaintenancePolicy
  • bc461526 Trait name repeated many times
  • a7818b70 Date formats and controls
  • 986d228a InventoryFilter with inventoryNumberPart3
  • 1e007d7f Add hook based inventory and accession actions pages
  • 12bd851f Fix Table "In progress" dissapears Inventory actions list page, when user is going thorough tabs
  • a1b9c57f Fix: Render default SysGroup link text if groupTag is missing
  • b0d01b6a IMP with managementTypeCode
  • 62eb4d13 Trait data: use codedName
  • 15e6e148 Flag dirty form fields
  • 1055a7f9 Summaries with filtering
  • 016c5420 Fix confirmAlert