v2021.5 adds support for browsing aggregated inventory amounts. FAO WIEWS code can be assigned to Cooperators. A new section of GG-CE Web for in vitro collections is added. Users can set their passwords and admins can manage user passwords.

New features:

  • Added a separate section for in vitro tools
  • Browse aggregated inventories in storage
  • Admins receive important system notifications when accessing /admin page

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Barcode scanner only uses inventory barcodes, not inventory id
  • Cooperator form and filters updated with faoInstituteNumber
  • Accession details page: Backup sites are now displayed

Admin alerts

Administrators receive notifications of any critical issues encountered by the server:


In vitro: Discarding material

A new section of GG-CE Web for in vitro collections is added. The first tool for technicians is for discarding infected or dead tissue culture material by scanning the barcodes on tubes:


Aggregated inventory data

Since inventories of any accession are stored in different locations, follow different maintenance policies, it's useful to have access to aggregated quantity on hand (by accession). Apply filters for location to get the summary report:


Changing your password

Users are (finally) able to change their GG-CE password in the web interface:



  • f9da29bf Cooperator with faoInstituteNumber
  • 5c8317e4 Barcode: Scanner should not load inventory by id
  • 9e7401fd GG-CE INV: Discard form with formTypeCode, unit code
  • 23e0583c GG-CE INV: Discard material
  • e514fbe4 GG-CE INV: In vitro Welcome page
  • 4142f6b0 Password change
  • 61195269 Notifications for admins
  • 9ac13f3a Browsing inventory in storage
  • 1fe6d157 Accession details page: Backup sites not visible.
  • 00b5f7c2 Verify Request Item Error
  • fee2d6ed Acquisition Error
  • 7e9a5a3e New Request/Distribution error