v2021.6 adds support for browsing passport data in MCPD format, introduces a new section for viability testing tools

New features:

  • Added language selection to the entry page
  • Added a separate section for viability testing
  • Browse passport data in MCPD format

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed autocompleter for selecting inventory maintenance policy
  • Added basic overview of inventories to the In vitro section
  • Added support for managing details of AccessionInvAttach records
  • Users can schedule actions for multiple selected inventories

Language selection

GG-CE can be used in any of the supported languages. Some translations for Spanish and French language are already in place, but many need more work! We are looking for coordinators of translation teams and people who wish to contribute to GG-CE by translating from English to your language.

Help make GG-CE better by contributing translations at https://www.transifex.com/crop-trust/gg-ce-web/ !

Viability testing

A new section of GG-CE Web at /viability focuses on processes around viability testing. The first version allows users to browse and search the existing viability data.


Look for the "Inventory viability" card on the entry page!

Coming soon: Reviewing inventories in need of testing, making a seed request, labeling and recording observations during germination tests (including tetrazolium tests) and calculation of the final test results.

Mapping to MCPD

The data model for accession documentation in GG-CE is very rich and goes well beyond what MCPD has to offer. GG-CE to MCPD mapping documents the current approach.

We still need to resolve the following MCPD fields:

  • STORAGE: Type of germplasm storage
  • MLSSTATUS: MLS status of the accession (see MLS status in GG-CE)
  • CROPNAME: Common crop name (?!)


Look for the "Passport data in MCPD" card on the entry page!


  • 1d4235b9 Viability: Updated table Viability on Inventory - page
  • 121a896c Viability: Updated display and filtering of - InventoryViability records
  • 12eeb80c Viability: New UI section
  • 96eac230 Language selection
  • a4114760 MCPD: Display accession passport data in MCPD format
  • 6a7eb277 Inventory list: Schedule actions on selected - inventories
  • 9cbb1588 Inventory list: actions for selected items
  • 7f1e44e9 Cleanup: Image preview layout
  • 73241a96 Filters: Updated filters with search type selection
  • 0e56e584 End adornment for string filter operations
  • 48934454 AccessionInvAttach: Add forms
  • 1117323a GG-CE INV: Basic overview page of TC/IV inventories
  • 048ea838 Fixed page titles for 0 results
  • ba516760 Inventory: Display barcode value on details page
  • 3f49408e InventoryMaintenancePolicyFilter without _text
  • d25070ae Theme overrides