2021.9 adds improved support for Requests for material,

New features:

  • Adding accessions to OrderRequest.
  • User can select/change the Inventory of each order request item that will be used for distribution

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • The current menu item is highlighted.
  • Table header columns are not truncated.
  • The distribution Checklist respects inventory barcodes.

Adding accessions to a request

Previous versions only allows to register Inventories with Orders. This release includes the option to Add accessions to the order.

Step 1: Use the filters to find accessions of interest:


Step 2: Select the rows and click the Add accesssions button:


The selected accessions (their SYSTEM inventories actually) will be added as new order request items to the request:


With this, the request for material is properly recorded in the system and is ready for the next step: selecting the actual source inventories.

Selecting source inventories for withdrawal

Depending on the purpose of the request, you may want to change the inventory from where material will be distributed.

The order items displayed in the screenshot above refer to system inventories (i.e. accessions).

Step 1: To select or change the source inventory of order items, first select the rows of items that you want to adjust, then hit Source inventory button:


This brings up a dialog displaying the list selected items in the top table, and the list of alternative source inventories in the table below.

By clicking the radio button in the top table, the list of alternative source inventories is updated:


By clicking the radio button in the source inventories table, that inventory will become the source inventory from which material is withdrawn for distribution.


After you're done selecting the sources, confirm your selection by hitting the Save button.

We will improve these tools in future releases, for now please test them out and provide your feedback and suggestions for improvements!


  • 9749fe4e Action tables with SID
  • 356c2378 Request: Display less details
  • e1ffd0f0 Request details: Source inventory button
  • d518189a Request details: Add accession button
  • 4bde8d99 Table: use row type T as Table
  • 38c54fad Highlight route in Main navigation
  • d2f1c1ae Column header label truncated
  • cdbe53da Checklist: Look for barcode
  • c82a4587 Request: Details page item list