2022.1 adds Schedule to Distribution and Passport data sections, and allows running GG-CE Web on a virtual path.

New features:

  • Added Schedule to Request (for order_request_actions) and Accession (for accession_actions) sections
  • GG-CE Web can run on a virtual path (e.g. /ui)

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • The actions available for Order items follow the defined CodeValues
  • An "Access Denied" message is displayed when user is not authorized to access a page. Previously they were redirected to Login.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented accessing OAuth Client details in Admin

Passport Data Schedule

Passport data generally does not change much after the introduction to the collection, but passport data of new material needs checking and confirmation by the Curator. Another use for this tool is to flag accessions that require a review of passport data, for example when an accession was obtained from another genebank and the source genebank ocassionally makes updated passport data accessible (e.g. in Genesys).

You can now schedule and keep track of all activities related to curation of passport data!


Distribution Schedule

Similarly, actions related to requests for material could already be scheduled in GG-CE. This release adds support to review pending, overdue and completed actions using the usual "Schedule" interface of GG-CE.

Running GG-CE Web on a virtual path

The server and web containers will usually run behind a proxy and an existing domain name will be reused to make GG-CE accessible. The actual URLs at which GG-CE services are accessible must be specified in the container configuration.


Example: Both GG-CE API and Web use the same host name, but are accessible on different virtual paths: API server is accessible at https://genebank.lan/server and GG-CE Web at https://genebank.lan/gg-ce.

Setting Value
API_URL https://genebank.lan/server The API URL includes the virtual path (without trailing /)
ORIGIN https://genebank.lan The ORIGIN does not include the virtual path of the UI service
FRONTEND_PATH /gg-ce The virtual path /gg-ce must be declared.


  • 960af34c README: Updated running instructions for virtual paths
  • 30b25027 Virtual path: Cleanup webpack config
  • 52e1ad07 Support for running on a virtual path
  • c6cb42e3 Item_status_code customization (Web distribution interface)
  • 75efe523 Bug: OAuthClient details route
  • da68753a Schedule UI in Request and Accession sections
  • c3a280f8 Migrate from momentjs to Luxon
  • 03a0373c Render Access denied
  • 9dcc3b6c Filter by backupLocationSite