2022.2 improves the admin tools available for managing Code Values and allows for generating records for future inventories when distributing material for regenration. A few bugs are also squashed in this release.

New features:

  • Added support for removing and replacing CodeValues
  • Added function to generate new inventories from order request items

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Arabic, French and Spanish translations updated
  • A more intuitive autocompleter when looking up species

Tracking withdrawn material

GGCE now allows you to generate Inventory records for distributed OrderRequestItems and links each new record with its source inventory and populates the necessary fields. Split and Canceled order request items are ignored.


After triggering "Generate withdrawn inventories" the resulting list shows newly generated inventories:


These "inherit" the data from their corresponding source inventory, but do not have the quantity or location specified.

Managing CodeValues

This release adds new tools for GGCE Admins to manage code value definitions. It allows for removing unused codes (also by selecting many codes in a group) and for merging two codes with the same meaning into one code.

GGCE server protects code values from being removed from the database if they are currently in use.



  • fd03eaea Withdrawn Inventory in OrderRequest
  • f3082841 Bug: Inventory details - actions not reloaded
  • 8abda1df l10n: ES update
  • f0ffa789 l10n: AR, FR (thanks Yassine)
  • d297926a TaxonomySpecies: Use Autocompleter with wildcard
  • f1a85427 CodeValue: Field is flagged when required
  • 9742a1f6 Inventory group: groupName required field, updated texts
  • c9f10e64 Login: ADMINs redirected to /
  • 37147f3e Removing and replacing CodeValues
  • 27910a70 Cookies: es-cookies instead of cookie.js
  • cb83965a SSR: VersionDisplay
  • af3f0b0a SSR: Updated routes for react-loadable without webpack hints
  • 19b64a4c SSR: Fixed and updated for react-loadable
  • b34ffc21 API_URL_INTERNAL
  • a3fd7365 Add button "ADD COOPERATOR"
  • 6eef2ea6 l10n: ES, FR, AR updated