2022.3 adds support for generating PDF documents for order requests and for one single accession profile. The tools available for managing Code Values are further improved in this release with a UI to to review the usage of a code value across the database. Some bugs are also squashed in this release; thanks to @achan for reporting the issues!

New features:

  • Redesigned label printing
  • Generating PDFs from order requests and one accession profile
  • Added reset password functionality

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • UI for CodeValue usage statistics
  • UI for removing crop-species associations
  • Updated form for managing OAuth client settings for hCaptcha
  • Fixed an issue with uploading multiple files to the file repository
  • Automatically capture keyboard focus when a dialog opens
  • Include display of TaxonomyFamiliy in Genera, Species and Accession tables
  • GGCE logo and branding

Printing labels

Before 2022.3 printing labels was possible with only one ZPL template. This release includes a new user interface for printing labels and adds support for specifying:

  • The number of copies to print
  • If the copies should be collated or not
  • Selecting the type of label to print from a list of templates (if defined)


What does this mean for me: Mutiple label templates can be defined for any object (e.g. Inventory) by using the Sort order in Application Settings.

Generating PDF for orders

Distribution of material requires creation of different documents that need to be signed, enclosed, submitted to relevant authorities, or archived. 2022.3 allows users to generate different types of PDF documents based on order request data (e.g. a Packing list, SMTA or another MTA).

What does this mean for me: You can register multiple different Jasper Report templates and users will be able to select the one they require.

If you have a template to share, please get in touch!

We'll share PDF templates with you as soon as they become available!

Forgot your password?

Users are able to request for a password reset from the GGCE login page. This is applicable only for local user accounts and is not enabled for users that use LDAP, SAML or social network logins.

Note: GGCE Server must be configured with SMTP support. When it is not configured, the function to reset one's password from the UI is not visible.