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# Excel Template Merge with JSON #
This is a simple tool has two components: a bit that converts Excel
spreadsheet data into JSON and the other bit that takes an Excel
spreadsheet and fills it with data from JSON.
Putting both together allows you to create many Excel files, each using
the same Excel file as template, but filling each one with data from a
list of JSON objects. This would be similar to the Merge function in
Word, but the template is an Excel spreadsheet.
## Using the library ##
Add to your `pom.xml`
You will need to configure JsonPath defaults somewhere in your code to set
the providers as described at
Configuration.setDefaults(new Configuration.Defaults() {
private final JsonProvider jsonProvider = new JacksonJsonProvider();
private final MappingProvider mappingProvider = new JacksonMappingProvider();
public JsonProvider jsonProvider() {
return jsonProvider;
public MappingProvider mappingProvider() {
return mappingProvider;
public Set<Option> options() {
return EnumSet.noneOf(Option.class);
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