Authored by Matija Obreza


Importing AGROVOC from

INFO  ** Completed: 4,299,805 triples loaded in 307.75 seconds [Rate: 13,971.66 per second]

Stop the server and then run the import command on the stain/jena-fuseki:3.6.0 image.

Mount the data volume to /fuseki and the local folder containing the dumps to /staging.

Current directory: /staging
Loading to Fuseki TDB database agrovoc:

INFO  -- Start triples data phase
INFO  ** Load empty triples table
INFO  -- Start quads data phase
INFO  ** Load empty quads table
INFO  Load: agrovoc_2018-07-02_core.rdf -- 2018/07/26 10:28:34 GMT
INFO  Add: 50,000 triples (Batch: 15,634 / Avg: 15,634)
INFO  Add: 100,000 triples (Batch: 25,933 / Avg: 19,508)
INFO  Add: 150,000 triples (Batch: 24,666 / Avg: 20,970)
INFO  Add: 200,000 triples (Batch: 26,136 / Avg: 22,060)
INFO  Add: 250,000 triples (Batch: 24,236 / Avg: 22,463)
INFO  Add: 300,000 triples (Batch: 26,595 / Avg: 23,060)
INFO  Add: 350,000 triples (Batch: 25,163 / Avg: 23,339)
INFO  Add: 400,000 triples (Batch: 18,684 / Avg: 22,634)
INFO  Add: 450,000 triples (Batch: 26,896 / Avg: 23,040)
INFO  Add: 500,000 triples (Batch: 26,680 / Avg: 23,359)


If you created a brand new dataset, then in Fuseki go to Manage datasets, click Add new dataset, tick Persistent and provide the database name exactly as provided to, e.g. chembl19.

Now go to Dataset, select from the dropdown menu, and try out Info and Query.

Tip: It is possible to load a new dataset into the volume of a running Fuseki server, as long as you don't "create" it in Fuseki before has finished.

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