[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v2022.6

2022.6 adds new API endpoints for managing trait data, user groups, assigning inventories to a location and splitting inventory. Thumbnail support is enhanced with webp image format in addition to existing jpeg image previews. We also migrated to the current java.time for improved support for handling dates, local dates and timestamps.

New features:

  • Trait API: Added CRUD and filtering endpoints for CropTraitObservation and CropTraitObservationData
  • Added endpoint for editing SysGroup and updating permission cache
  • Added endpoint to bulk assign Inventory location
  • Added endpoint to split Inventory

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • SOAP: Fixed a bug that prevented clearing a value with CT (e.g. setting storageLocationPartX to null)
  • Accession simliarity search: fixed bug with incoming accessionNumber
  • HTTP gzip compression moved from servlet filter to Jetty handler
  • Thumbnails: re-generate thumbnails if missing, generate thumbnails in webp format
  • Migrate to java.time

Database changes:

  • SysGroup extends AclSid: sys_group table is altered and linked closely with acl_sid. This change allows for handling user Groups and their permissions the same way as permissions of individual users and OAuth clients.


  • 54b7cbbb Docker: Add gzip handler to jetty
  • d8956db4 Trait API: Updated JUnit tests
  • ca79bcb7 Trait API: Extracted CropTraitObservationController for CTO and CTOD
  • d78e4db3 Trait observations: numericValue, stringValue and traitCode may all be null
  • b5c0c8be Traits API: generate CTOs from CTODs
  • f4b5b3e7 SOAP: Flagged Inventory.inventoryNumber and isAvailable as readonly for CT
  • 83b46390 SOAP: Fixed bug with clearing field values (setting to null)
  • b5b147b5 Resolve "Inspect Log is not working."
  • d3d83d77 SOAP: added String to Instant support to ConversionService
  • f9817727 CV: Moved junit test code values to TestCodeValues
  • 3f15b612 JUnit: Introducing TestCodeValues
  • dcfad357 Mock GG: Added @SysTableFieldInfo for readonly = true
  • a902d127 Similarity: Fixed bug in scoring matches
  • 66d59651 API: yyyy-MM-dd as Instant
  • b2b1594e API: Migrating to java.time
  • 6a673718 ACL: Autocomplete AclSid for SysGroup
  • 249302b9 Endpoint for editing sys group tag
  • ea0fcadd Liquibase changes
  • 5da00978 SysGroup extends AclSid
  • 14b2c7de Thumbnails: Using RepositoryService for getting thumbnails
  • 785e4995 DateVersionEntityId: Allow API to receive only id and modifiedDate
  • 2e08ff96 Inventory assign location endpoint
  • 017e9edc Splitting inventory: Refined
  • 4387e9aa API: Split inventory endpoint
  • 5dbbc878 Assembly: Generate GGCE model jar file
  • f6e18db9 Lazyloading of attachment cooperator