v2021.7 implements a number of tools to support viability testing.

New features:

  • Added management of AppSettings for admins
  • Support for viability testing process

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Click-and-drag to select multiple rows in tables
  • Display duration (in days) for order requests and actions

Managing AppSettings

AppSetting enable system-wide configuration and the settings apply to all users. The primary example are label templates -- they are configurable (by Administrators) and are used by everyone.


Viability testing

v2021.7 demonstrates the support for viability testing process. Look for the Inventory Viability card on the Welcome page!

  1. Flagging inventories for testing
  2. Selecting inventories to test (batch) and creating an OrderRequest
  3. Starting the viablitity test, with printing labels for replicates
  4. Capture multiple counts

Flagging inventories for testing is the first step in scheduling viability tests. These are recorded as pending inventory actions and can now be registered manually. In future releases we will discuss how the system can automatically schedule inventories for viability testing. Inventores flagged for testing are listed under Prepare order:


Since the capacity for viability testing is limited, a curator selects which inventories will go for testing and sets the appropriate Rule for testing:


The system then registers a new Order request and when that order is delivered to the viability testing team, all the information is already in the system.

The technician begins the testing process by scans the inventory barcode on the received packet (inventory.barcode) and is able to print labels for test replicates as per inventory viability rule. They prepare and label each replicate and begin the test.

When it is time to make an observation, the technician scans the replicate barcode and inputs the counts:


We need to test and discuss this process with the community and design the calculation of final results of a test.



  • 7dbbf138 Viability: UI reorganized
  • 81db483e Viabilty: Record observations
  • ffbbdfb9 Viability: Labels generator function
  • 2bf7755d Viability: Print labels for viability test replicates
  • ba8849b6 Viability: Begin testing
  • 422e4d76 Table: Selecting rows
  • a278da56 Viability: Added proper links to the inventory details tab "Viability"
  • 0e92530e Viability: Updated layouts
  • 403acc05 Viability: Display Inventory Viability details
  • d04e4a7f Site: SiteField and SiteFilter autocomplete fixed for ES
  • 781f810d Viability: UI workflow updated
  • 89032fc1 Viability: Prepare for testing
  • 43b7c322 Accessions: Hide backupLocationXSite column
  • 0c2541e3 Viability: Viability rules
  • 7ed3b2a4 core-js@3
  • 505b04b8 Code cleanup: Minor issues fixed
  • ad03f23e Babel@7: Updated build config and removed obsolete dependencies
  • bb6aa7a9 Display durationInDays for order requests and actions
  • 99c7d554 Validators: added maxValue validator
  • 67b70849 l10n: ES update
  • ee8e3f71 Admin: AppSettings