v2021.5 adds support for browsing aggregated inventory amounts and utility endpoints to reduce quantity on hand by specified amount. FAO WIEWS code can be assigned to Cooperators. The data model is synchronized with USDA version.

New features and API updates:

  • Added API for accessing summarized inventory quantities by accession
  • Added API for discarding material, mostly used by in vitro workflows
  • Added faoInstituteNumber to Cooperator

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with filtering by auditing fields (e.g. createdDate)
  • Data model synchronized with USDA version (see f1098d59)


  • abedf2d7 Cooperator: Filter by faoInstituteNumber
  • a36760d8 CI: Deploy to demo on succes
  • d2939d35 Code values: Ensure NOT-SET for INVENTORY_AVAILABILITY_STATUS
  • f1098d59 USDA: Sync models
  • 0e51d254 Dataview: GG-CE get_inventory_maint_policy version
  • 159c4fcc Dataview: Original get_inventory_maint_policy dataview
  • ddfea3c6 Bug: MinifiyingHttpMessageConverter must not be used for JSON deserialization
  • 623ffc5c Filters: All filters extending from CooperatorOwnedModelFilter skipped AuditedModelFilters
  • 7c11ddee Filters: Added tests for deserialization
  • 3eb82edf Cleanup: Organize imports
  • 54d656e1 Liquibase: Check if column exists and skip
  • d0f8db4e User: Allow user to change their password
  • 4deb8493 Admin messages: Dispatch "started" message, limit message queue size
  • fe0c8d74 Aggregated quantities: Allow sorting
  • 238f2081 Aggregated quantities: load accession in the service
  • 2d608480 Transient messages to admins
  • b1a2f372 Sum inventory quantities
  • d427925d API: Discard material
  • 66e9cc64 Cooperator with faoInstituteNumber